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    … But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles… Isaiah 40:31


    Wisteria – Coming July 2023

    Wisteria Cover

    Her husband called her Angel. But angels have faith. Will Angela’s stand when tragedy strikes?After the sudden death of her husband, Angela’s happy marriage and affluent lifestyle in smalltown Minnesota disappear. Her flower shop, Wisteria, becomes her security. While mourning the death of her husband, celebrating her daughter’s remission from cancer, her neglected flower shop appears to be on the verge of bankruptcy.

    Will she choose the easy path or persevere to discover something better? Join Angela on her journey to faith and purpose.

    Ginny Graham

    A believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, mom, grandma, gigi.

    A gardener and a disturber of weeds.

    Ginny loves tea, coffee, flowers, writing, watercolor, reading, hiking, shopping, horseback riding; and most of all, time spent with family and friends.

    What Readers are Saying…

    “Soul nourishment! Ginny enters our world with her compassionate insights. She has traveled our road. I’d call Wisteria REALITY fiction. Real friends, warts and all. Bumpy family ride. True for all of us, though we try to hide it. Faith questions and yearnings. Some answered, some not. And most of all, spiritual inspiration from the only source that counts. Jesus.”

    — Miriam Neff, author, counselor, and creator of Widow Connection

    Angela had all the natural emotions that came with grieving. Her established faith in God helped her navigate those emotions. Instead of removing herself from others, she became more engaged, more sensitive to other’s pain.

    — Linda Gunderson, Book Club Coordinator

    Wisteria paints a bittersweet portrait of Angela, a woman wrestling with sudden widowhood and its challenges to her family, her friendships, her faith, and her future. With a tenderness born of experience, author Ginny Graham drew me into Angela’s heartaches and hopes so deeply that I found myself crying, laughing, and reading page after page to see if Angela would find her way to the other side of grief.”

    Karen Ingle, Author of “With Me in the Storm”