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    Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.”

    Colossions 4:6


    Wisteria – Available on Amazon

    Wisteria Cover

    Her husband called her Angel. But angels have faith. Will Angela’s stand when tragedy strikes?After the sudden death of her husband, Angela’s happy marriage and affluent lifestyle in smalltown Minnesota disappear. Her flower shop, Wisteria, becomes her security. While mourning the death of her husband, celebrating her daughter’s remission from cancer, her neglected flower shop appears to be on the verge of bankruptcy.

    Will she choose the easy path or persevere to discover something better? Join Angela on her journey to faith and purpose.

    Ginny Graham

    A believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, mom, grandma, gigi.

    A gardener and a disturber of weeds.

    Ginny loves tea, coffee, flowers, writing, watercolor, reading, hiking, shopping, horseback riding; and most of all, time spent with family and friends.

    What Readers are Saying…

    I could not stop reading once I started last night. I read until 4:00 AM, slept, and finished the book at 2:00 PM today. Every chapter was a cliffhanger, wondering what the next chapter would bring. Lots of eye-opening thoughts as to what it must be like to be a widow and how to deal with the emptiness of loss. Barb
    I finished the book and enjoyed every minute of it. The story never becomes boring. It kept me totally interested with new developments. Angela’s additions to the flower shop really appeal to me since I love to decorate. LaDonna 
    I loved this book. It was about strength, faith, courage, and a love that is shown to others. Acts of kindness and a love for family. I highly recommend it. Julie
    The story unwraps the emotions of all the characters from the point of view of the gregarious Angela, proprietor of a flower shop called, naturally, Wisteria. How would I, a man who was widowed several months ago after a wonderful marriage of 58 years, respond to Wisteria? I found that Mrs. Graham accurately describes the adjusting to sleeping alone and where bills, business, death certificates and on and on met me and still meet me.  Mrs. Graham’s book, Wisteria, was to me a great help and a great read. Gary
    A touching and encouraging novel about a newly widowed woman’s journey through the grieving process and coming through it stronger.  There are lessons for us all in learning to lean on God’s care and grace in difficult times. Gina