Ginny Graham

MY MOM, GINNY GRAHAM, is a widowed mother of two boys, myself and David. God has blessed her with nine grandchildren. She and dad raised us in a home that found Christ along their journey of establishing a family. We lost dad in 2014 after a long and courageous battle against cancer. As dad’s fight against cancer was obviously drawing to a close, one of the greatest weights on his heart was the complication of leaving her without clear answers to their business dilemma. God had provided well for the two of them through his small-town meat processing business. But finding a buyer of a small business that requires hard work and a down-payment is a tall order. As it happened, he passed without an answer to that dilemma. David and I watched as mom had little time to grieve dad’s death. She plunged herself into doing what had to be done, a widow running a butcher’s shop! She did this until she found a buyer and successfully sold the business. Dad would have been proud!

Ginny’s writing touches on the complications faced by widows. Spouses are an interdependent team who each find meaning and function in the other. Her writing seeks to touch on the complexities faced by women experiencing the loss of a spouse. When she is not writing, she helps family members in many significant ways and serves as a Sunday School teacher, a choir member, and in women’s ministries at the church I am blessed to serve as a pastor.

Tim Graham, Pastor

Cornerstone Baptist Church

Pine Island, Minnesota

Ladies and their daughters, approximately 80 in all, attended the Garden Tea and Book Launch Party for Wisteria on Saturday, July 8, 2023!

Meet Ginny

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