Rekindling Faith and Purpose


Angela McKinley goes from happily married to widowed when her husband and his two best friends die in an auto crash.


Much of what she called “faith” uncloaks itself as complacency and self-comfort as she struggles to rediscover her identity. On top of that she’s challenged to make Wisteria, her flower shop, financially sustainable.


Her work, family relationships, and faith are fragile. New business ventures totter between success and losing everything she has gained. Join Angela on her journey through grief to hope and purpose.

Published 2023

$15.99 print

$2.99 Kindle

                               “Seasons of Change”

Seasons of Change is fiction anthology published by The Minnesota Christian Writers Guild. A selection of short stories from 10 of their members based on seasons (whether seasons of the year or seasons of the heart.)  All stories take place in Minnesota.                 

Ginny’s contribution:       A Dog Named Money

This book is a fund raiser for Minnesota Christian Writers Guild and all proceeds will go directly to MCWG.

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